Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Its all absolute chaos

does it feels like there is something stuck in your chest sometimes? you barely take a breath once in a time. boy it feels suck as hell you keep your anger inside out then it eats you out from inside you, you   are trying hard to keep it real but it doesn't work concisely, you feel good you feel bad you feel down you feel mad its hard to control your own all of those emotions but there is a way you can make it much easy than you think its all so easy once you take it down, not taking it seriously its all good mate be who you really want to be,  be confident and be conscious and be a leader, be a loser at the same damn time be a water my friend

hi there again

Its me again. its been a while that i didn't write anything
im still hanging here as always,  way i feel it has been always complicated, somehow i feel nuts some part of me says you'r good pal, ever since then i don't know which one that i hang on? lol
i certainly consider myself as man who has unstable feeling coz way i feel always has two sights.
which helps me a lot for certain cases to keep myself down and chill, at the same time bothers me too like way i make decision its quite funny let me tell ya how it works usually it works like russian roulette. it doesn't matter way i feel its only about which one logically makes more sense i hope you know what i mean. i'm an dumb cunt
recently i regret a lot, what i did in past and what i'm still hanging on!!! is there something pulling me back or what? i'm asking myself a lot with is questions, really am i losing something that i deserved while i'm young? no one knows the answer unfortunately except me as i rick myself to lose everything that i build till now. its actually pity excuse for calm myself honestly i wont lose anything i just freaking afraid of someday i look back regret what i did.
being critic with myself is what i do best !!!!
do not overrate yourself ask question who you are? who know you more than you do ? its you pal
do not care about what people says its just you be honest with yourself at least whether you don't with others!!!!
try to tell the truth, fight for righteousness... as you says to others be the one who wants to be most unless its not worth to pretend one. yeah
show the world what you do whether its bad or good!
just do not ashamed to be keep it real or who you really are!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

before become an artist, being who you are and keeping it real makes art naturally then you feel yourself as a being piece of art as you are !!!  tugE Benedict

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


oiriin ued yer n oortoo ih setgel hangluun bus baih bolloo ooriinhoo haanaas irsen, hen baisanaa dugneed bodhod hangltai ih hogjood dewjeed bgaa met bolowch oooroo oortoo gologdood baih bollo
osolt devjilt gedgiig ooriihoooroo dugnehdee odoo baigaa bi ooriinho hana, hen baigaadaa setgel hangluun baihiig heldeg baih, osolt dewshiltt unheer tiim chuhal gejuu?
tiim baih tom boloh tusam tuund ireh uureg hariutslagiin hemjeen tuuntei zeregtseed ihesdeg met sangdsan ooroo oortoo shaardlaga tawij amdirah bolj orooliin omnoos sanaa zowj oortoo ter bugdiig hamatuulah bolson baih yum. eniig osolt dewshilt gej nereldeg bol bi mash iheer oson dewjijee omno n tolgoind ergeldeh bodol buhen zowhon oort awch chadah husel temuuleer hyazgaarlagddag baisan bol odoo bol tes oor bolj, ooroosoo ooriigoo tulehseer oorteigee temtsldeh bolj zow buruug dugneh chadwar ugui bolj gejuu?
gehdee bi omno n husdeg baisan buhnee awsan tunees iluug olj awsan baina ihed hussen temuuldeg baisan zuils min mash engiin zuils baij odoogiin husej temuulj bui buhenee neg sain nyagtlaad uzlee bug ed materiallag zuilseer hyazgaarlagsan baihiig anzaarlaa oodiig hurtel hussen zuil min ter bish baij tiim uchraas bi tedniig geej nogoog n nogoogoor oruulsan baij, odooo husseh zorih zuil todorhoi bolsonuu tim bas ugui , gehdee bi bugdiin oortoo awah bolno,