Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh What A Beautiful Morning by Eels

1. Feeling Good (Live)

2. Overture (Live)

3. Oh What A Beautiful Morning (Live)

4. Abortion In The Sky (Live)

5. It's A Motherf**ker (Live)

6. F**ker (Live)

7. Ant Farm (Live)

8. Climbing To The Moon (Live)

9. Grace Kelly Blues (Live)

10. Daisies Of The Galaxy (Live)

11. Flyswatter (Live)

12. Vice President Fruitley (Live)

13. Hot And Cold (Live)

14. Mr. E's Beautiful Blues (Live)

15. Not Ready Yet (Live)

16. Susan's House (Live)

17. Something Is Sacred (Live)
Eels - Oh What a Beautiful Morning.rar

Plus/ i love this one

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