Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Assessing to food and cultural differences and similarities between countries

A traveler from one country visiting another is often overtaken by the many differences from their homeland. Every detail of everyday life seems to be different....The food, the clothes, their religion, their money, their family structure, their language and even their alphabet: so many things are different that it can be difficult to adjust. The thing to remember is modern, or current culture is a result of cumulative experience by the people. Major historical events such as war, changes in government through revolution and simple decisions by cultural leaders form national identities for generations. Take the topic of food. Few things identify a culture like the things that end up on the table. The local cuisine is almost invariably a combination of the things that are found in the surrounding environment and economic strength. threreof our first move is that we need to understand and respect our culture and traditions in order to preserve our way of living for the upcoming generation.

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