Thursday, November 10, 2011

silent snowy night at 4am in morning

i'm walking the streets alone. here is only one thing is with me which is silence n fall in snow flurries. i see smooth red colored sky and shaded trees, crows. by the way kinda slippery in here.
stop lets sit here for a while just check this all beautiful situation the sky and trees, crows and there is across of the road one drunk or collapsed guy is screaming out and crawling on the snowy floor two of other people trying to support him up. while i've just found piece of tree check it out .... throwing away! feel full of satisfied ......... everyday i walk this way lets just try another one. listening to night train songs from my phone.... its make sense. spread my hands up like flying, clap my hand and close my eyes and walking in the middle of the road !!!! finally i got home

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