Thursday, December 8, 2011

right now i'm not at home. i stay in a place that is a farm country. big big open land and big big open skies. the place that i stay is a traditional Mongolian ger. inside is very comfortable, but no electricity. the challenge here is try to learn how to live without the creature comforts you are use to. like a pc like a tv its really good for me especially my lifestyle in ub can be very spoiled sometimes. and here is the question can u live as a basic human being, can u live without all that stuff ? i think these kind of thing push me or challenge me to expend my horizons because the problem with being in the same place always being in the same time is your world becomes smaller but what i do is as soon as when i have time to relax or travel i ll go away in travel and try to go to somewhere new or
some place different and try to experience something i'd never experience in my home. and thats the main reason why i do it, to push my mind and try to challenge myself to see the world in a different way.

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