Sunday, January 15, 2012

its not necessary bout going to a certain place or arriving certain goal in life, the important thing is bout what u learn along the way in that journey. and to always keep your mind open bout what u see before u get to the destination because your destination may not be important, its bout the experiences along the way and how it enriches u as a human being so whether its traveling or wheter its ur life in general, to appreciate whats happening around u not just focusing on just the end or just the goal, life will make its turns and u just have to learn to go with flow and learn how to be ready for that for every moment that changes in front of u. i think nowadays it's very hard for a people to be in moment. You are always thinking what i got to do next, what happened yesterday... but what's happening right now in front of you, Are you enjoying that moment in front of you, that's the most important thing. to designing stuff really wat it is to just broaden ur horizons and to look at the world in a wider perspective and i think designing something gives me the opportunity to explore that much more. i think in my field, u come across barriers and challenges everyday, and to be able to have the peace of mind to calmly look at the whole situation and learn how to make decisions off that is the most important !!!

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