Thursday, October 25, 2012

Futurism Collections are coming soon !!!

okay today was ok nothing was especial and one of my good friend asked me that am i gaining weight lil bit? but i trying hard to keep the diet, after he said i feel like gained lil bit weight , weird!! and also his birthday is next week we had beautiful night last year with our friends i remember i orginized his bday party last year actually it was quite nice, ooh yea also i finally found my final exam's work  is a futurism style of collection i'll make, its good chance to improve my skill and challenge myself on business clothing with fancy decorations u yall kno bout my major, field is fashion designer so i need to learn something more academical stuff which means if i need to do my own stuff also i need academical knowledge which actually bases on this then i can create anything i want !!! so i gotta work hard next few mouths its really important time of the year is coming soon!!! so i'll focus on all those things for a while !!!! go JOEY !! GO

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