Sunday, October 14, 2012

There is Always Somebody Better Than You ….And That’s OK

People are defensive.  The less confident you are,  the more likely you will react to anything negative that comes your way.  But the reality is this. There is always going to be someone better than you at something that you do.  There is only person that is THE best at something and the billion other people are not. The difference between an adult and a child is the ability to recognize the difference between I Can’t and I won’t.   A child thinks they can’t achieve something, an adult realizes they can achieve almost anything but the won’t want to put the time and effort necessary to reach that goal because it would take away from so many other things.always remember there is always somebody better than you so don’t be upset when someone is better than you because they worked harder at it.  Only worry about whether you got the results YOU expected from your effort.  Jealousy is the homage mediocrity pays to those that work harder ….or something like that.

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