Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You And Who's Army? - Radiohead

I've been away from home for two weeks just today me and my girlfriend came back in UB. I'm feeling good tho, Morning when we were in the train it seemed quite windy, when we get off from the train, its been snowing, the city covered by tons of snow, it was all white and all clean i loved it , i was kinda shivering from Oct, because when Oct begins winter comes with Siberian humid wind, winter is cold specially in MNG its extremely cold, and challenging season with no doubt but interestedly this morning all that feeling has gone, i found out that I've been kinda missing the snow and how does it feel when they land on my skin, i usually don't like winter tho, all i gotta do is jump in a shower first and then open my window, smoke the cigarette while I'm in the bed...

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