Friday, November 28, 2014


what is Depression ? hmm lemme think what is it really ? recently i ve been obsessed with manufacturing of clothes its fun job but you must figure out every single step you take. and financially you have to guaranteed its like main foundation of the business,  i ain't got enough, so question is how am i gonna build them up from nothing? here all these depressions and confusions, intentions, questions came from, now i doubt myself , im thinking about giving up, find some job as  my mom says, gets salary every week or month , but i can't ,  i ve been thru a lot this year finally we grabbed something out its here now its just here only thing we ve got to consider is just keep going, keep moving forward, no fear of fails, no doubt just let it work now its time to gets the yield, but should i give up ? hell no no i will not give up now i got to step bigger much bigger risk everything at the last chance end of the day i don't wanna say shit at that moment i ve should try that at least, no no no i'll give a shot I'm sure I'm gonna catch the target right in the middle at the bull eye do it do it go for it tugi-e I'm sure u can do it :D

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